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Soul Mates (2023) Movie Download
Soul Mates (2023) Movie

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Soul Mates (2023) is a South Korean romantic drama film directed by Min Yong-geun and produced by Next Entertainment World. It is based on the Chinese film of the same name and stars Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee as two friends who grow up together and experience love, friendship, and life. The film was released in theaters on March 15, 2023 and was invited to the 28th Busan International Film Festival in the 'Korean Cinema Today - Panorama' section.

The film depicts the ups and downs of the relationship that two women born in 1988, Mi-so (Kim Da-mi) and Ha-eun (Jeon So-nee) go through as they grow up. The world between the two of them suffers a microscopic crack when Ha-eun starts her first love with her classmate Jin-woo (Byeon Woo-seok) in their late teens. The free-spirited Mi-so leaves for the city to pursue an adventurous life while Ha-eun stays in her hometown to lead a stable life, and the two gradually grow apart.


Soul Mates (2023) explores a number of themes, including:

  • Friendship: The film is about the importance of friendship, especially female friendship. Mi-so and Ha-eun are best friends for over a decade, and their friendship is tested by time, distance, and different life choices. However, their friendship remains strong, and they support each other through thick and thin.
  • Love: The film is also about the different types of love, including romantic love, platonic love, and self-love. Mi-so and Ha-eun both experience different types of love throughout the film, and they learn about themselves and about love along the way.
  • Coming-of-age: The film is also a coming-of-age story. Mi-so and Ha-eun grow up together, and they learn about themselves, about the world, and about what they want in life. They make mistakes, but they also learn from their mistakes.

Critical reception

Soul Mates (2023) received positive reviews from critics. Praise was given to the film's performances, direction, and screenplay.

  • The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "Soul Mates is a beautifully made and emotionally resonant film. Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee deliver superb performances as two friends who navigate life, love, and loss together."
  • Variety wrote: "Min Yong-geun's Soul Mates is a sensitive and moving exploration of female friendship, love, and coming-of-age. Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee give nuanced and heartfelt performances."
  • Screen Daily wrote: "Soul Mates is a must-see for fans of Korean cinema. It is a beautifully made and emotionally resonant film that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled."


Soul Mates (2023) is a beautifully made and emotionally resonant film that explores the importance of friendship, love, and self-love. Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee deliver superb performances as two friends who navigate life, love, and loss together. The film is a must-see for fans of Korean cinema and for anyone who enjoys a well-crafted and moving story.

Additional thoughts

The film is notable for its realistic portrayal of female friendship and for its exploration of different types of love. The film is also notable for its strong performances from Kim Da-mi and Jeon So-nee.

Overall, Soul Mates (2023) is a well-made and moving film that is sure to stay with you long after you watch it.

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