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Nimona Movie

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Nimona is a 2023 American computer-animated science fantasy adventure comedy film directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane from a screenplay by Robert L. Baird and Lloyd Taylor. It is based on the 2015 graphic novel of the same name by ND Stevenson. Set in a futuristic version of the Middle Ages, the film features the voices of Chloƫ Grace Moretz as the titular character and Riz Ahmed as her partner and former knight, with Eugene Lee Yang and Frances Conroy voicing supporting roles.

Originally a production of Blue Sky Studios, it was originally set to be directed by Patrick Osborne, with an initial release date of 2020. Following The Walt Disney Company's acquisition of 21st Century Fox, the parent company of Blue Sky, the production received pushback from Disney's leadership due to the film's LGBTQ themes, after which it was delayed multiple times before being canceled due to Blue Sky's closure in April 2021. However, Annapurna Pictures revived the project the following year, with Bruno and Quane announced as directors, DNEG Animation providing animation, and Netflix acquiring worldwide distribution.

Nimona had its world premiere at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival on June 14, 2023, was released in select cinemas on June 23, 2023, and made its streaming debut on June 30, 2023, by Netflix. The film received positive reviews from critics for its animation, themes, musical score, and vocal performances.

In a futuristic kingdom, its inhabitants are protected by the Institute for Elite Knights, made up of knights descended from the heroine Gloreth and her knights, who in legend 1000 years ago banished a Great Black Monster from the kingdom.

Ballister Boldheart is the first commoner about to be knighted, along with his friend/love interest, Gloreth's descendant Ambrosius Goldenloin, as Queen Valerin is trying to change tradition so that "anyone can be a hero". During his knighting ceremony, Valerin is murdered by a mysterious laser shot from Ballister's sword, who is framed for the crime and hunted by the Institute and its Director, after Ambrosius is forced to cut off Ballister's right arm.

With a new prosthetic right arm, Ballister goes into hiding and is visited by Nimona, a mysterious teenage shapeshifter, who has faced persecution for her powers and sees a "villainous spirit" in Ballister, as he is facing persecution for his commoner origin and the murder of the Queen.

To clear his name, the duo kidnaps Diego, the squire who gave him the murder weapon, who gives them evidence revealing that the Director is the murderer, due to her objecting to the Queen allowing commoners to become knights, fearing that would lead the kingdom into its downfall, accusing Ballister to reverse the policy.

Ballister and Nimona return to the Institute, but the Director destroys the evidence and recognizes Nimona's powers, discovering through ancient scrolls that Nimona is the Great Black Monster defeated by Gloreth a thousand years ago. Shocked by the revelation, Ballister argues with Nimona to make sure if her "friendship" was real, causing her to flee into the woods, feeling betrayed.

Stopping at an old abandoned well, Nimona reminisces about her past: a thousand years ago, she and Gloreth were best friends as children, until Nimona used her powers in Gloreth's village and was quickly accused of being a monster as villagers surrounded her with pitchforks and torches. In the commotion, the village is set on fire, and instead of defending her friend, a horrified Gloreth turned on Nimona to protect the villagers, driving her away.

With Ballister's abandonment and Gloreth's voice echoing in her head, Nimona breaks down and transforms into the Great Black Monster again. After a rampage in the city, she decides to kill herself with the sword of Gloreth's statue to end her pain. Meanwhile, the Director orders a laser cannon to be fired from the wall surrounding the kingdom to get Nimona and Ambrosius — who had investigated the truth of the Queen's murder to help Ballister — knows that the shot will destroy the city.

Before Nimona pierces her heart, Ballister stops her and apologizes to her, and Nimona returns to human form as they make amends. However, the now-insane Director prepares to fire the cannon. To save the kingdom, Nimona transforms into a Phoenix-like creature and flies into the Director's weapon path, killing the Director and causing the wall to be destroyed in the process, revealing a beautiful valley.

Some time later, the kingdom undergoes several changes: the destroyed wall has become a trade road, Nimona and Ballister are hailed heroes by the inhabitants, and Ballister himself restores his relationship with Ambrosius.

Cast of Nimona Movie 2023:

  • ChloĆ« Grace Moretz as Nimona, a shapeshifter who insists on being the sidekick to Ballister Boldheart.
  • Mia Collins voices Nimona's Demon Baby disguise.
  • Riz Ahmed as Ballister Boldheart, a former knight for the Institution who was kicked out when he was accused of murdering Queen Valerin
  • Zayaan Kunwar as young Ballister
  • Eugene Lee Yang as Ambrosius Goldenloin, the champion knight of the Institution, and Ballister's love interest.
  • Frances Conroy as The Director
  • Lorraine Toussaint as Queen Valerin
  • Beck Bennett as Sir Thoddeus Sureblade
  • RuPaul Charles as Nate Knight
  • Indya Moore as Alamzapam Davis
  • Julio Torres as Diego the Squire
  • Sarah Sherman as Coriander Cavaverish
  • Karen Ryan as Gloreth
  • Charlotte Aldrich as young Gloreth
  • Cindy Slattery as Syntheya - voice of the Kingdom
  • Sommersill Tarabek as an Institute Analyst
  • Lylianna Eugene as Patinece

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